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Newest love... Not just any sweat pants! I wear these and would probably sleep in them.Athleta allegro pants.  If you are an instructor, use your discount and get these. They are perfect to jump into after teaching! The color I chose is Shale... a lavender, grey color.

Update on the HOT pants.  I only used them for 3 days.  The odor of the new pants started to get to me.  I washed them and the odor is better now.  Unfortunately, I have had too much going on in my personal life. MOVING! YUCK!  

I have lost 3 lbs and have been working on my no alcohol and clean eating.  This weekend.. not so great.  I probably gained it all back. I cheated and had a beer and a mix drink. (skinny vodka, only 70 cal)  Tomorrow will be a new day.  Forgiveness!   I need to forgive myself and move forward. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. I am right there with those of you whom have a goal to be healthy or lose a few pounds or just simply , LOVING "my body" and being. 
Aug 8, 2013/

My HOT pants arrived. I felt HOT in them but not quite the sexy HOT but sweaty hot. I wasn't sure what to expect. I opened the package and immediately tried them on. I kid you not... it felt like putting on a wet suit. There was a chemical like odor on the pants. I thought after wearing them and getting them aired out, the odor would subside? (maybe after the first wash) 

I wore my new pants doing ZuZKa Light's, Zuzka Cut DVD workout #4. I am planning on wearing them for two weeks and will take new measurements. Stay tuned. 

I came across this line of workout gear on Facebook.  I haven't tried the clothing , but plan on doing so soon.  Their claim is that their clothing will help you burn calories by wearing their clothes.  THIS brought the curiosity on.  I will post  in the future what my experience  in wearing the clothing.;barre;03292012&sli=1

Read the latest Barre Blog on Lululemon.  Knew line of clothing just for barre workouts.

Love the clothes, a little pricey, definitely on my Pinterest list of "must hav's"

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