About Barrebodies

Cynthia is a Colorado native, Latina. She first discovered Pilates while studying ballet at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She had been on a long journey of healing due to an accident in her adolescent years, which had ended her dream as a competitive runner. Pilates not only became a rehabilitative process but an emotionally healing one as well. “Pilates helps me to stay grounded in life,” she says.
Cynthia studied Pilates at The Pilates Center in Boulder, with Michael Miller and Esha Kaplan, some of the first instructors to be certified in Boulder. Cynthia participated in an intensive apprenticeship program from 2000-2002 (more than 900 hours), with Lara Kolesar, a master teacher, earning her a Pilates Level IV certification and in The Body Knowledge Method, PMA Certified and Club Pilates Master Teacher Trainer.
Cynthia founded Barre Bodies. Barre classes have been the newest trend working at the ballet barre on isometric exercises to strengthen and tone the thighs, gluteus and core.  Cynthia added her own twist to this popular form of exercises by incorporating the Pilates principles and Pilates exercises to add an extra challenge to working the “core”.  She hold certifications in COREBARRE and Barre Above and TRX. 
When not teaching Pilates, Cynthia enjoys hiking with her dog, Bodhi, cycling, yoga and being with her family.www.barrebodies.net


  1. Great blog! I love dance, but I haven't tried a Barre class. I will have to look for one in my area. :)

  2. I love your blog. I like that you are so real in your workouts and post do-able workouts for those of us busy women!