Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 What do you have to lose? 

What are your excuses in life? Aren't we all full of them? We have excuses for everything especially when we are put in a position to make a decision on something. For example, losing weight, leaving a job or relationship that is not healthy or you aren't happy in, quitting an addiction, addressing a medical issue etc... I could go on and on. Well guess what? I am the best "EXCUSER MAKER".  I have learned that I need to JUST DO IT and not think too hard and allow all the excuses to come in.  Hmmm maybe that is what Nike meant?  

I have been on this journey of a lifestyle change with my eating and workouts and living with less stress. I no longer find myself in a gym, instead working out in my basement, living room, hotel room, outside while walking the dog, without all the fancy , spansy equipment.  It's awesome... no excuses, right.. I can still get a workout in.  The clean eating has been challenging when traveling but I have found ways to keep it healthy. 

I completed my second challenge in Feb 2014 and had lost another 5 lbs and 5 inches all around. The most important is that I have seen so many people finding a new life through their 24 Day Challenge., especially my Hubby! He hit his goal weight this month and is able to maintain. He was recently diagnosed with a rare conditions, EDS. It is difficult to build muscle and has a string of other issues, including digestive. He has found so much relief from doing the 24 Day Challenge he is also building muscle from using other Advocare products. We also had co-workers and friends that joined us and found only minimal weight loss but have found a new way to eating, taking care of their body and new energy.

I am a true believer to this lifestyle and also attribute the "kick start" from ADVOCARE products.24 Day Challenge. If you are interested in learning more about the product(s), I welcome you to do your research. I was sold with the challenge some were sold with just trying SPARK. NO MORE EXCUSES, go out there and do a challenge, whether it is a workout challenge, spending less, cutting out sodas or sugar or a 24 Day Challenge. I would love to hear what you chose and if you have questions feel free to contact me.

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