Saturday, January 18, 2014

On a second challenge... post holidays

It has been a long time since my last post.  Blogging takes time, that is why I haven't dedicated this as my "full-time" gig.  I wish I could.  I wrote about my first 24 Day Challenge with Advocare back in October, 2013.  I am on my second challenge to support a few friends and my husband on their first challenge.  I am loving it!  No alcohol for 12 days now.  I feel great!

It has been great to see my husband on his journey to eating healthier.  He has given up Diet Pepsi a few months back.  He has now given up 7-11 egg salad sandwiches!  Yay!  I am looking for a clean recipe for the egg salad sandwich. 

I am encouraged daily to hear him say how great he feels.  

Off to my workout. I am also participating in Bodyrock Tv 30 day challenge. I am on my fourth day.  I know you will think I am crazy.... I am ALSO following Tone It Up gals with their Love your Body month. Wish me luck.

I will try to post daily my experience.  TRY!  Feel free to join me.  

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