Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

January 4, 2014…….. Happy New Years!What an eventful 2013.  

I have reflected on major events that have impacted and changed my life.  1) Selling “his” house 2) getting married 3) selling “my” house 4) building a new home and moving to a new town. Plus there have been other challenges and hardships in between that have been difficult.

I am a Gemini and love change, 2013 sure brought the changes of a lifetime.  I also completed a 24 day cleanse/challenge that changed kick started my health.  I would like to think I have always lived somewhat of a health conscious life. I also decided to do a cleanse. Not your normal cleanse. It is called a 24 day challenge.  It wasn’t a diet but a super charge in my eating habits.  It hit me that I was living a so called faux healthy life.  Remember, I lived and work in Boulder, CO!  I was living a lifestyle of what I wanted people to think.  Sure, I didn’t eat red meat, ate free-range chicken, organic veggies and food, Almond milk, food cooked in Coconut oil… blah blah. .but still drank a glass of wine or two or three every other night.  This Pilates instructor was getting pudgy and lazy about her eating habits. 
I only lost 6 lbs but lost inches.  I felt great!  I learned what true CLEAN eating was like.  This year I am staring a new challenge on Monday, to support my friends and newly wed hubby on their challenge.  Yay!  I can’t wait. I did gain about 3lbs back from the holidays. Oh well.  We have set backs but I am not going to judge.  I have posted a few posts on Facebook regarding this.

I took a new barre class today in our new hood, Berkley in Denver.  The Dailey Method!  I loved it.  It was so great to take a class and not be teaching it. I learned so much about my own body (how out of practice I am) my weaknesses and strengths.  I can’t wait to go back.  I also have given up my barre teaching in Longmont for now.  I am still teaching Pilates, but only two classes.  I am focusing on my adjusting to Denver and working on my own body as a student. 

I challenge you all to try a new exercise or a new instructor in whatever classes you normally take on a regular basis.  You will be surprised what new things you learn about yourself and the method.  I also have goals in providing more tips with Pilates exercises, Barre exercises or using Pilates Principles in your workouts or daily functional activities.

Stay tuned………

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