Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finding Happy Medium

When you are feeling stuck in your workout or burned out and feel  you have no time for a workout.... compromise.  Find that happy medium.  I usually go to Tone it Up or Zuzkalite, only 10-14 minute workouts!  LOVE these workouts.  HIIT workouts, High Intensity Interval Training. These workouts have been popular among the Cross FIt lovers or folks with little time to workout.  (ME!)  I will soon be sharing my BARRE/TRX/Pilates HIIT workouts.  I have encorporated some in my classes and have had amazing feedback.

Exciting news.... The Gym at Prospect will now be offering punch cards to the community/non-members.  If you are not wanting to commit to a monthly gym membership, you can purchase a punch card for classes!  Check out their website for updates and information.

Come join us for exciting workouts!

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