Sunday, February 24, 2013


Snow fall, wind blows, dog running, happy times..

Sunday snowfall at 7am in Colorado.

I made attempts to shovel the snow, gave up after 5 minutes.  Yikes.. snow continued to cover was just cleaned.  Dog begging me to take him out, out we go, in the snow.  Five minutes later, Bodhi (my dog) stopped, lifting his left paw, looking at me with his brown eyes.  The walk lasted 10 minutes, 5 of it running around in the local park as the wind blew the snow in our eyes.

Home now… had myself some yummy protein pancakes.  This is a recipe I found on  Next, I sat in front of the teli to try watching Downton Abbey.  Survived the first episode on to the 2nd.  I will give it three episodes. 

Later I will attempt to find a workout I can manage without hurting my shoulder. Last week I was told I could have a Labrum Tear in my right shoulder.  I couldn’t even lift my arm!  Feeling much better, however need to follow my dr’s instructions, no weight bearing on the shoulder for 3 weeks.  WHAT!? This will make my teaching a bit challenging. 

I shall keep you all posted on the modifications I made with my workouts.  This should be interesting.

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