Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First time in 2013


Did you make a resolution? Why is it that we make these “promises”, then when we don’t keep them we beat ourselves up.  Instead, perhaps we could look back at the accomplishments, blessings as well as challenges and “shortcomings”.  The experiences of which have either brushed passed us or consumed us, regardless they are part of us.  This year we take what we have learned and move forward and continue to build our strength and character. 

Today I did my first down dog, child’s pose, said my first OM.  I guess we did a lot of things for the first time in 2013!  My yoga mat felt extra sacred to me today. Whether you think it is “hippy yoga” talk, it resonated for me.
 Yoga teacher:  “ What do you know?”
 Me: Lots!  
Yoga teacher: “What you do know, let it go and just be free from all you know, for a few seconds.”
Me:  Aha, JUST BE!
For some reason my mat today felt extra sacred.  

It’s so fun to think about these “first time “ experiences.   

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