Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

Merry after Christmas!  I took today off to spend with my fiancé and my doggie, Bodhi.  We spent the day in the beautiful Colorado mountains, snowshoeing.  I don’t want today to end.  As we were enjoying our hike, I had time to think of new barre workouts and Les Miserable movie that I had seen last night.  This is a MUST see movie.  I have to be honest I had not idea what the musical was about. I am a musical junkie and had no background knowledge of this musical. (sad to admit).  My sweet fiancé agreed to join me … he cracked me up when he whispered in my ear during the scene when the young men were singing about the revolution.  My fiancé whispered..”oh my gosh, shoot me, are we  watching glee right now?”. This ruined it for me. Then during the scene when Hugh Jackman was dying, I looked over and caught my fiancé crying.  Yes, crying.  I can’t complain.  This is the same man that will be my “practice” barre student at home as we go through the workouts! I can't help but love him!

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