Thursday, December 27, 2012

Favorite Bloggers

From one blogger to another.  I have been inspired by the following bloggers.

NO. #1:  I LOVE this woman.  She has inspired me to start blogging.  She has become so popular, winning many blogging awards.  I love her enthusiasm and energy.  She is also a designer. I lover her Yoga bags and workout clothes. AMAZING!!!  I wish I had her energy and time to work on my blog.  Check her out.

Second  on the list....  Another great blogger.  I enjoy your youtube workouts because she is always so excited about working out.  She keeps things simplified.  She is also a natural beauty. Great blog, website.  I thought it was a blog but it may just be a website or both? They have great diet tips and workouts.  These gals have been all over the web and in magazines, like my favorite, SELF and SHAPE.  Great tips and super fun!

Last but not least at least for now...( I am sure I will find more.)  I love their recipes. I enjoy the "realism" (is that a word) in their posts.  I also love that they are dog friendly. They have great RAW diet recipes that are actually yummie. I am often finding myself working out in my basement with my dog, Bodhi, sitting next to me, thinking I am playing.

Hope you enjoy the bloggers as much as I do.

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