Monday, September 24, 2012


First blog, feeling like the first time trying out Pilates.  Not sure what it was all about, nervous but excited to try something new.  This has been quite the year, starting up Barre Bodies LLC. (pronounced b-a-r, rather than b-e-a-r).  I was first introduced to barre classes through Exhale spas, Core Fusion then discovered Boulder's barre classes at Pure Barre and The Bar Method.  I liked the new challenge it gave my body.  I started to incorporate more of my Pilates knowledge into the exercises at home and then found a place in North Carolina that offered a Barre certification that felt more compatible to my teaching style and philosophy.  Monica from ABsolute Pilates created Core Barre.  She brought in her dance background and Pilates expertise to create a barre class that drew from the Pilates principles.

I was hooked and wanted to bring Core Barre to Colorado.  Boulder already has Pure Barre and The Bar Method, both great places by the way.  However, I was building my Pilates practice in Longmont and discovered no one had offered this exercise method, let alone very few even knew what it was all about.
Barre Bodies is a Pilates based company offering Pilates on and off the equipment as well as offering Core Barre.  It is my mission to make these classes available to those who want a great workout, needing to strengthen from an injury and also making it affordable.

It has been a slow start but I am having fun building my business.  I found a great location to teach my Pilates classes and decided on renting space at a local dance studio to "test" the barre classes.  You can find Core Barre at Mountain Side Dance studio on Thursday nights, 6:30pm.  It is best to sign up online to ensure a spot in the class.  Visit my website at where you will also find more information on locations and schedules.

Stay tune for more.  I will be blogging my experience with various bodywork methods, such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, egoscue and yoga to name a few.   I have found that Pilates has been a great complementary exercise to other forms of mind, body methods.

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