Monday, September 24, 2012

Barre Hopping

To all those Barre hoppers wanting a new workout and needing to feel "the burn".  I too use to be a "Barre Hopper".  A 12 step program for the workout junkie.... haven't found one yet but I tried following my own program.  Problem is that I became addicted to all the BARRE workouts.  I wanted to find the Right program for me to invest my money into so that I can bring this amazing workout to my Pilates clients.  I spent months, days and hours of looking on Google and You Tube.  I found more and more Barre studios popping up DAILY!  I am not kidding.  I found more and more Pilates studios incorporating this workout into their studio.  It was so overwhelming I had to make folders in my bookmarks to sort out Barre Studios and Pilates studios offering Barre workouts. 

Here I am now, certified to teach Barre.  I needed to find a program that fit my budget but most importantly a program with a strong background in physiology,dance and Pilates.  I found one!  Ab-solute pilates.  They are located in North Carolina and a certified Stott studio.  I made the plunge, signed up for the class and booked a flight.  I was so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and education of the instructor.  If you are looking to be certified, you won't be sorry with this program.  They offer ongoing support, bio-mechanic tutorials, new choreography and playlist suggestions at an affordable price. You are able to be certified as an individual instructor or as a studio. 

I have been teaching for over a year now and receive great feedback.  Pure barre and Bar Method are huge where I am located.  However, it seems to cater to the younger crowd.  My clients are a little older ( past college age) than those you will find in the other Barre classes, however are serious about their fitness or wanting an escape from the busy home life, (kids, spouses, responsibilities)  The town I teach in is still trying to catch on to Barre fitness.  The town also is not use to paying the prices that the other Barre studios charge ( $18-25 drop in).  I started teaching at $8!. I am now up to $10-12 believe it or not and that's pushing it.  It's catching on but still not to the level of Pure Barre.  

So if you re looking for a Barre class, try the  franchised classes or You Tube them and try a clip.  My favorites are Barre3, Booty Barre and Pure Barre.  I  of course will choose Core Barre above them all due to the strong Pilates background and emphasis on alignment and principles.  Barre3 is my second favorite for those whom aren't into the "fancy, dancy " parts.  

Choose wisely and have fun!

See you at the Barre! 

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