Welcome to Barre Bodies. This Pilates-based fitness program will meet the needs of a wide range of fitness levels. Whether you are just getting acquainted with Pilates, a seasoned pro, or seeking a therapeutic program, you will find a class that will fit your needs. 

In addition to Pilates, Cynthia Huerta brings an additional fitness modality known as TRX and Core Barre. Barre Bodies is the only Core Barre licensed and certified in the West Coast. This is the first Barre class offered in Longmont!

Also Barre Bodies was selected FIrst Place for BEST of Boulder East County in Boulder Weekly. http://www.boulderweekly.com/article-11882-best-of-boulder-east-county-2013-health-fitness.html

PLEASE NOTE Address has changed since this was published. (see locations on website)

Pilates Studio
1822 Sunset Place, Longmont, 720-340-8156
Second Place: Flatirons Pilates 
Third Place: Rocky Mountain Pilates 
Fourth Place: Happy Cat Pilates 

Fifth Place: Soul Tree Pilates

The four basic needs all human beings must have are food, water, shelter and clothing. Well, let’s face it: Most of us these days have no trouble meeting these. But given how many of our lifestyles include getting out of bed in the morning, driving to work, sitting at a desk for the good part of eight hours, driving home and maybe walking from a parking spot to a restaurant, there should be an addendum to that list: exercise. Pilates is a low-impact way to get that exercise our bodies so desperately crave, and it’s great for strengthening core muscles while toning the rest. Barre Bodies offers pilates class and Barre classes, which are based around exercise performed on a ballet bar. Our readers think there’s no better pilates studio in East County.

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